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Down Footprint System

lot # 3310004046

    USA-2000 WDD 90% , RDS BS0.5 FP700

    lot # 3310004046

lot # 3310004046

    White Duck

  • Duck down is generally accepted as the finest natural insulator used for bedding, clothing and furniture manufactures. It’s extremely light, almost lighter than air.


Feather and down, as by-products of the food processing industry, are primarily sourced in China (about 80%) and largely come from scale industrialized farms or collecting systems of small scale farms in European countries.

Map of main down supply regions

Fill Power 700

NATURAL DOWN is the best insulation for apparel and home textile products. KL DOWN purchases raw material sources worldwide. Down is eco-friendly, soft and light, and the thermal capacity of down surpasses all synthetic fabric products. Down can be used extensively for down jackets.


  • Turbidity
  • 1,000
  • Oxygen
  • 3.20


Every lot of down material arriving at the down processing factories is traceable by a designated DFS code in the Down Footprint system. By using this tracking database system, consumers are able not only to trace the origin of the down, but acquire the down information such as content analysis and fill power.

    lot # 3310004046 content analysis

  • Down Cluster90.10%
  • Waterfowl Fibers4.28 %
  • Down Fiber3.34 %
  • Feather Fiber1.58 %
  • Broken Feathers0.11 %
  • Landfowl 0.09 %
  • Others0.4%
  • Residue0.10 %