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Down Footprint System


The Basic Qualities of Down

Feather and down materials are a type of agricultural waste which must be carefully washed to remove excess blood, oil, fat, and dust before being subjected to drying and sterilization at high temperatures to remove harmful microorganisms in order to achieve clean and fluffy thermal insulating down materials. Certification of the down products mainly follows the specifications established by the International Down & Feather Bureau (IDFB) for examination of the quality of down. At present, the testing standards of Kwong Lung are the most stringent in the industry and we frequently exchange information with international certification laboratories to ensure our internal measures for quality control and results are consistent with independent, non-biased third-party laboratories.

The major items of quality control testing in the down industry:

Test Items for Down Quality Control Description
Ingredient analysis Examination of the interior of the down products, weight ratios of the content of down cluster, feather with stalk and residue, etc.
Elasticity In terms of the fluffiness of down, a higher value refers to a larger volume of down per unit.
Goose ratio A micro projector is used to amplify the structure of nodes on the stalk of the feathers. Different for duck and goose.
Dust The ratio of dust in the down is determined by visual inspection at present.
Odor No detectable odor or gamy smell.
pH value Down is usually neutral with a pH between 6 and 8.
Transparency Verify the residue of chemical agents or dust in the down products. Cleaner water signifies cleaner down material.
Oil and Fat The recommended oil and fat content of the cleaned down materials is usually between 0.5 and 2.0.
Oxygen number Examination of the organic residues on the surface of down, which may be chemical residues or are produced by microorganisms through decomposition. The value must be less than 10 in Europe and the U.S., and less than 4.8 in Japan. If the value is over 10, testing for microorganisms in the down material may be required.

A test report issued by the International Down & Feather Laboratory (IDFL) is provided below to demonstrate that our product is fully certified. The report is provided for your reference. This routine report is required by Kwong Lung to assure the high-quality down products manufactured by Kwong Lung meet the needs of our customers.