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Functional Down

For centuries, down has remained synonymous with being a light and warm material used for thermal insulation and filling for clothing and bedding. With the increasing popularity of the outdoor leisure market, however, the demand for functional clothing has increased dramatically. As a filling material, down has also evolved from its original role of thermal insulation into a primary component of different types of functional clothing. ISPO indicated that, among the latest trends in 2015, traditional down with added value is one of the future trends and thus the demand for functional down products also varies with different user markets depending on the specific requirements of different markets and types of customers. Kwong Lung is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and the first company to establish a research and development department dedicated to developing highly functional custom-made down products.

Advantages offered by our unique and functional down products in terms of practical applications include the following:

Functionality Difference from Traditional Down Products Advantages to the Consumer
Water-repellent Down A waterproof layer is added to the surface of down so that water droplets cannot attach to the down fibers. This special technology protects down materials from moisture and allows them to stay dry in an environment with high humidity and under conditions of excess sweating.
Thermobrid® Plus Heating particles are adhered to the surface of down to improve the effect of heat retention of the down materials. The solar energy can be absorbed while body heat loss can be reduced during outdoor activities.
Antibacteria Down
(mold-proof and mite-proof)
Eco-friendly antibacterial chemicals are used to evenly coat the surface of the down fibers. Because down is made up of protein fibers, bacteria can grow in humid conditions which then generates odor and can even cause the fibers to deteriorate.
Color Down Down materials can be dyed unique colors by using staining technology of the textile industry. Colored down brings new topics of fashion and thermal insulating materials and is a product designed specifically for the fashion industry and outdoor clothing.
Water repellency + heat retention The above two functions are combined into one product. Mainly used in extremely cold environments and can maintain a good degree of fluffiness and thermal insulation.

Detailed overview of each class of functional products:


Water Repellent

The water repellent capability of feather and down has been enhanced in order to solve the issue of thermal insulation degradation that results from contact with moisture. However, at present, the quality of basic water-repellent is unable to meet the needs of the high-end market. The professional market targeted by professional brands, in particular, has more stringent requirements for greater water-repellency. Thus, ultra-water-repellent feather and down were developed for high-end users in activities that involve excessive sweating. Eco-friendly water-repellent agents and new processing technology are used to develop water-repellent feather down products with greater water-repellency. Currently, international regulations for fluorine-containing agents tend to be relatively strict, and the use of CFC-free products is a future trend; therefore, it is necessary when using such products to pay attention to these agents and verify whether they contain fluorine.



Thermal insulation

The thermal insulation properties of feather and down are well-known. However, a better thermal insulation effect is preferred for activities in cold or high-altitude environments. Use of high-quality goose down is a common solution for satisfying the needs of consumers for lighter and more effective thermal insulation; however, heat-retention feather and down made of feather and down treated with special heat-retention materials have been developed and refined. In addition to maintaining the three-dimensional structure of feather and down and keeping its original thermal insulation properties, the heat-retention materials used on the surface of feather and down can also actively provide heat, enabling the feather and down to offer improved heat retention capacity.



Antibacterial and hygienic

In the wake of the development of new chemical agents, a great deal of attention is paid to determine whether chemical ingredients used to create anti-bacterial and anti-mite down materials are hazardous to the body. Use of antibacterial and mite-proof ammonium agents that are non-toxic and safe for processing reduces the health hazards to the body and allows the textile product to be more widely utilized, including for infants and babies. By combining bluesign® certified chemical agents approved by the British Allergy Foundation to be nonallergenic with natural down materials, we provide customers with healthier down products.




Our down products are created to be multi-functional in order to better meet the needs of the market and cover different types of customers and customer segments. For example, the functions of water repellency and heat retention are combined in down materials. Under the stringent conditions of low temperature and high humidity, water-repellent treatment protects down materials from clumping due to moisture and maintains the three-dimensional structure of the down materials while also retaining down’s basic thermal insulation capacity. The heat-retention materials absorb the heat that is easily lost and then provide the heat to the users and improve the degree of warmth. Better fits the needs of professional climbers for use in environments with low temperatures and high humidity.




Like colors on a painter’s palette, colored down is a major breakthrough that departs from the limits of traditional black and white two-tone down materials and provides more flexibility for fashion designers. Colored down is distinct from the image of traditional down coats that are not fashionable and can retain the three-dimensional structure of the down materials with unique colors. Meanwhile, the design of down materials with added fragrance not only provides thermal insulation but also a pleasing smell. Passive fragrance-releasing materials can offer a long-lasting effect.

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